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Vui App
Salary at your fingertips

Which day is the happiest in the month? It's the payday!
Vui connects with your company, everyday is your payday.

With Vui App, live the life you earned

Vui connects with your employers so that you can get the wage you work for today and spend on what matters to you.

Salary at
the speed of life

We have to work every day, why paycheck comes only at the end of the month? When Vui connects with your company, you get paid whenever you want.

No borrowing, no loan

Get your money when you need it on Vui App
Not a loan. Zero interest rate. Zero surcharge.

Control all of your expenses

On-demand payment from 100.000đ to maximum of your earnings of that month helps you pay your bills on due date

A peaceful mind even on the rainy days

Get paid 24/7 easily, whether in the mid night or on weekends. No financial stress anymore to enjoy your time with your beloved ones

Free your mind
when money is tight

Getting your earnings on time, you can afford any urgent expenses from bills, rent, vehicle repairs, and medical treatment, no need to borrow anyone.

little joy everyday
with vui

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