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Simple and secure integration

  • Support HR in tracking timesheets, salary advances, paying bonus
  • Send notifications to employees in real time
  • Seamless integration within 1 week with any attendance and HRM softwares
  • ISO 27001 Information Security Standard
  • AES256 data encryption

Lean operation
Cost-effective program

  • Automated operations; No change in payroll and accounting processes

  • 30 minutes/month for HR and Accounting for reconciliation

  • No cash advance required for employers. No change in cash flow. No financial risk.

Your success is ours
We provide custom trial & support every step of the way


What is Vui App?

Vui App is the salary-on-demand application, connecting employer to enable staff access their earning 24/7. Employees send request on their phone, Vui transfers advance to their bank account in 30s. Employers reimburse advances to Vui at the start of the new pay cycle. No risk, no change in the cash flow and wage processes.

What are the benefits for companies implementing Vui App?

Vui App is the differentiated C&B initiative that helps employers to build a better life for their team, boost employee engagement, reduce retention rate and support HR digital transformation. Companies which soon adopt EWA model could gain the competitive edge in recruitment without increasing expenses.

How to connect to Vui App?

Employer can contact Vui to request a demo and get a customized solution. The integration can be processed on the HRM system of the company in one week. After that, Vui operates automatically, saves time and resources for HR department.

What is the information security standard of Vui App?

(1) AES256 data encryption
(2) ISO 27001 Information Security Standard
(3) Compliance with the Personal Data Protection Regulation 
(4) Decentralized control management

Leading companies in Vietnam
have benefited from adopting Vui EWA