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13/06/2022 Hà Nội

Secretary/Assistant Director

Tuyển dụng

What we build together

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Here’s what you will do day-to-day

  • Arrange the director's schedule and support the director to meet partners

  • Implement and manage the company’s basic documents, records and procedures of the company (assignment based on capacity, from easy to difficult).

  • Track the progress of weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual objectives

  • Support work as required by Director


Here's who we are looking for

  • Skills: English conversational level, good organization, problem-solving skills, time management

  • Knowledge: Background in any field, Business Management is preferable

  • Attitude: working under pressure, eager to learn, high responsibility

  • Personality: Good-looking, honest, hard_working, careful


Here’s what we offer

  • Salary attracts talents, candidates can negotiate when participating in the interview

  • Team building: from 2-3 times/year

  • Flexible and dynamic working environment

  • To be paid social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance premium by the company according to State regulations; annual health check

  • Leaders are extremely young, good listeners and willing to create opportunities for personal development. Experienced members from big technology companies (Uber, ZaloPay, Five9, VinID, Focal Labs,...)


We’d love to connect! Dash off an email at

For more information, kindly contact us via mobile phone at +84812787078 (Ms. Tuyen) or +84976274212 (Ms. Hue Dinh)


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